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Copying a Sales Document


SalesPad allows users to create a new sales document from an existing open or historical sales document. Sales documents can be copied for the same customer or transferred to a different customer.


To allow document copying in Modules > Security Editor, enable Sales Document Entry and set the following sub-settings to True for the document type(s) allowed to be copied:

  • Can Copy Invoice
  • Can Copy Order
  • Can Copy Quote
  • Can Copy Return

Save any changes.

Note: You must log out and back in for security changes to take effect.


Follow these steps to copy a sales document:

  1. Open an existing Sales Document
  2. Click Copy in the header
  3. In the window that appears, select a document type to copy to and click OK or click Cancel to keep the same document type
  4. Another window appears. If you are copying the document for a different customer, click Yes; if the copy will be for the same customer, click No
  5. If you clicked Yes, the Customer Lookup window appears. Search for and select a customer
  6. The new sales document is created and appears in a separate tab. Make any changes and click Save
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