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Copying a Printed Report


There are multiple ways to make copies of your printed reports. Each method is described below.

Method 1

Copying a report from Report Manager:

  1. Open Report Manager from the Modules dropdown under System

  1. Select the report to be copied and click Copy
  2. Name the report and click OK
    You must close and reopen SalesPad before editing the new document
Method 2

Copying a report from the Print Screen:

  1. Open any Sales Document or Purchase Order and click Print
  2. Select the report to be duplicated and click Properties
  3. Click Copy
  4. In the popup screen, enter a name for the new report, click OK and then Design
  5. The report will open in the Report Designer. Select File > Save As and save the report in the designated folder
  6. Close Report Designer and the Report Properties window
  7. Click Design again
  8. Select File > Open
  9. Navigate to and select the saved report
  10. Click Save and close the Report Designer
  11. Click OK to return to the Print screen

Note: No changes will be made to the report until steps 10 and 11 are completed.

Method 3

Copying a report through SQL:

The following script can be run to copy a report in SQL. The highlighted text must be replaced with the desired report name and the name of the existing report.

insert into spSystemReport (ReportGroup, ReportID, ReportName, Layout, Visible) select ReportGroup, ReportID,

'New Report', Layout, Visible from spSystemReport where ReportName='Existing Report'

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