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Configuring the Catalog Warehouse Procedure


The most convenient way to maintain up-to-date Catalog Line Item data is to configure a SQL job to run the spgpm.UpdateCatalogLines procedure automatically. The steps for creating such a job are as follows:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Connect to your company database
  3. At the bottom of the Object Explorer list, you will see SQL Server Agent. Click the + next to this and right-click the Jobs folder
  4. Right-click on Jobs and select New Job
  5. Enter a name for the job in the window that appears (i.e. Update SalesPad Mobile Catalog DataWarehouse)
  6. Go to the Steps page and create a new Step
  7. Name the Step and create with a type of Transact-SQL script (T-SQL). Select the database as your company database.
  8. In the command text area, type exec spgpm.UpdateCatalogLines
  9. Click OK
  10. Click on the Schedules page and click New. From here, select the days and options for when the job should run. SalesPad recommends that the job run nightly when users are not in the system.
  11. From this point, you can set up any notifications or alerts. When finished, click OK.
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