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Choose Purchase Plan: Purchase Quantity Rounding


You can modify the "Choose Purchase Plan" screen in the Purchasing Advisor Module to check an Item's Vendor Minimum Purchase Quantity when generating a purchase order, rounding the quantities up if the minimum quantity is not met.


In the SalesPad Security Editor (Modules>Security Editor), search for "Choose Purchase Plan" and click the checkbox to enable the functionality. In the Miscellaneous sub-settings, set Show Rounding Options to True. 

Setting the Multiple Value

Before you modify the "Choose Purchase Plan" screen, you need to set the multiple value to be used for the rounding.

This can be done in the Item Maintenace window, which can be accessed from a sales document or from Inventory Lookup in SalesPad. For a detailed overview of Item Maintenance, click here.

Once you have the "Item Maintenance" window open, click on the Vendor Information tab.

You can then choose Min Order Qty to set the multiple value for all rounding methods.


Select the Purchasing Advisor module in SalesPad (Modules>Purchasing Advisor). You can use this module to create purchase plans and generate purchase orders for selected vendors.

For more information on using this module, click here.

After completing purchase selections or item planning, you can click the Purchase button (indicated by the green arrow) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The "Choose Purchase Plan Items" screen pops up, displaying all available purchase plans.

In the lower right corner of the screen (to the left of the Close button) is an Adjustment dropdown, which you can use to choose from three rounding options for the vendor minimum purchase quantity.

Clicking on the arrow on the Adjustment dropdown displays three options. Selecting No Adjustment will not affect the purchase quantity. If you choose Round to Closest Multiple, the purchase quantity will be set to the nearest minimum required quantity. If you choose Increase to Next Multiple, the purchase quantity will increase to the next minimum required quantity. 

(The quantity adjustment is in addition to any other vendor minimum that might apply.)

As an example, choose a quantity of 10 for the item and select Round to Closest Multiple.

When you create the purchase order, the quantity is automatically rounded up to 12.

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