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CardControl System Log Search

Important Notice

After October 29, 2019, SalesPad will no longer be supporting CardControl. Additionally, the application will cease to be a PA-DSS validated solution as of this date, and therefore CardControl customers would no longer be PCI compliant. 

Instead, SalesPad Desktop now offers built-in credit card processing via Nodus PayFabric. If you have questions or want more information on our credit card processing services, please contact your sales rep.


System Log Search allows users to look through the system log. A user can customize how results are drawn and what information is displayed. This document will teach you how to access System Log Search, use the search function, copy system log entries, and export a search.

Table of Contents
System Log Search
Accessing System Log Search

In CardControl, go to the folder in the bar on the top left of the screen.

Click on this folder to access a dropdown menu, then go into System, and from that menu select System Log Search.

This will open the System Log Search module.

Using the Search Bar

The search bar for System Log Search uses text input to look for matching text in system log entries. To use the search bar, click in the white space and type your search terms.

After entering your search criteria, click the gears to the right of the search bar to access the Configure Search window. Here you can decide which fields your search affects. Click the check box next to the field(s) you want to use for your search, then click OK to save the changes.

After your desired search settings are in place, click the Search button to complete the action. There will be a list of system log entries that have matching text to the entered text.

Copying a System Log Entry

Select the target System Log Entry by clicking on it in the list, then click the Copy Selected button.

This System Log Entry will be copied onto the clipboard so that it can be pasted elsewhere.

Exporting System Log Search Results

Click the Export All button. A directory window will pop up asking you where and how to save it. Export files can be saved as either .xls or .xlsx.


System Log Search- Allows users to access System Log Search.

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