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CardControl Installation Guide

Important Notice

After October 29, 2019, SalesPad will no longer be supporting CardControl. Additionally, the application will cease to be a PA-DSS validated solution as of this date, and therefore CardControl customers would no longer be PCI compliant.

Instead, SalesPad Desktop now offers built-in credit card processing via Nodus PayFabric. If you have questions or want more information on our credit card processing services, please contact your sales rep.


CardControl is a credit card processing application that works in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and/or SalesPad.

Requirement: .NET Framework 4.5 must be installed.

Installation CardControl
  1. Locate the CardControl setup.exe file
  2. Double-click the executable to begin the installation of CardControl
  3. Read and determine whether you agree to the License Agreement. If you agree to the terms, click “I Agree” and proceed with the installation
  4. Specify the path to which you would like to install CardControl
  5. Specify the components of CardControl that you would like to install
  6. The installation of CardControl is now complete and ready for the first time launch configuration
First Time Launch
  1. Open CardControl
  2. Create a Database Connection:
  3. Click the Add Connection (+) button next to Connect To to open the Connection Editor:
  4. Enter a Connection Name, Server, and either a Windows or SQL User ID and Password, and a Database name
  5. Leave the Schema and SQLite Connection File fields blank
  6. Click OK. You will return to the Login screen. Please login without specifying a User ID or Password. A User ID and Password is not required for a first time install; you will be prompted to create a user as part of the install process
  7. Enter the email address your license was created under or if you have not yet purchased a license, enter your email address to begin a 30-day trial period

    If you begin a trial license, a message similar to the following will appear:

    After activating your full license or trial license, you will be brought to the initial database update screen:
  8. Enter your SQL user name and password or use your trusted credentials. Make sure you have made a database backup! Check the I have made a database backup check box, and click Finish to run the Initial Database Update. The credentials used must have the ability to create database objects. CardControl will update your database using the database connection you created earlier.
  9. After the Database Update completes, you will create the initial Admin user. Fill in the New Password and Confirm fields with a secure password for the initial Admin user. The secure password must be alphanumeric and consist of a minimum of seven characters.
  10. You will return to the Login screen, Log in with the newly created Admin account

    Please see the CardControl Configuration document to configure the software.
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