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Batch Charging


Batch Charging is an action that allows users to charge documents by batch in Sales Batch Processing. In this document you will learn how to use Batch Charging. Any securities and settings related to this action will be listed at the end of document.


To use Batch Charging, enter the Sales Batch Processing module. Select the documents that you want to Batch Process from the search grid. You can use ctrl-click to select multiple documents. Then, use the Actions dropdown to select Charge Batch. All selected documents will be charged based on the default credit card you have on file for the customer.

Note: If you do not have Selected Documents Only checked, then the Charge Batch action will charge all of the orders in the search grid.

After confirming the action, the documents will be forwarded in the workflow.

Security and Application Settings

Batch Charging* - Allows users to see and use the Charge Batch action in Sales Batch Processing

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