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Barcode and Extended Item Scanning


SalesPad Mobile supports the use of Socket Mobile scanning devices, such as the SocketScan S740, on both the iOS and Android Platforms. Information on these products can be found at

In order to use the scanner, it is first necessary to pair the device and scanner. The process differs slightly between iOS and Android.


Pairing the scanner to an iOS device requires the following steps:

  1. Ensure the device is in SPP mode (instructions for setting this up should be included in the booklet for your SocketMobile device)
  2. Open up Settings from the iOS menu
  3. Click the Bluetooth line item on the left side
  4. Turn the scanner on and click Search For Devices

Pairing the scanner to an Android device requires the following steps:

  1. Log in to SalesPad.Mobile
  2. Click the Slide Menu button on the upper right side
  3. Select E-ZPair Activity
  4. Select the top option
  5. Click Pair Device
  6. The scanner will now beep three times immediately then once again in a few seconds. The fourth beep signals the device as being paired.

Starting with version of SalesPad Mobile Android, scanning with a Socket Mobile CHS requires that the Socket Mobile Companion app from Socket Mobile is installed. To install the app, search for “Socket Mobile Companion” in the Google Play Store.

When you open the companion app, it will guide you through the initial setup between your Socket Mobile CHS and Android device.

Once the initial setup is complete, SalesPad Mobile will automatically start the Companion app as a service whenever you launch SalesPad Mobile. The service automatically handles pairing with the scanner you set up.


An overview of scanning items and adding them to a sales document can be found in the sales document entry document.


SalesPad Mobile now supports extended item scanning functionality in Versions Server (, iOS (, and Android ( This functionality allows users to scan for items using values stored in the Item Master's Item Number or Short Description fields, Item Master user fields, or any other field with the correct setup.


To access Extended Item Scanning functionality, you must configure the Mobile Server’s security settings properly. This can be done in the SalesPad Mobile Security Editor, by going to Security Editor > Access Security > Items.


The Barcode Field setting allows the user to specify which field (or fields) contain stored UPC codes. The available options are Item Number, Short Description, xUPC, or Other, as detailed below:

  • Item Number: The item number field of the item master being scanned.
  • Short Description: The short description field of the item in question.
  • xUPC: A SalesPad Item Master User Field named xUPC of type text.
  • Other: This option allows the user to specify any table to retrieve the item from, as long as the table contains columns representing both Item Number and the value scanned.

Upon selecting the other option, the user will be prompted to enter values representing this mapping (pictured below):

The syntax for this field is [schema].[table_name].[barcode_column]:[item_number_column]. This option is not currently supported in offline mode.

The user is able to select multiple values for this field, which will be evaluated in the following order of precedence: Other, xUPC, Short Description, and Item Number.


There is one other related setting: Barcode Trim Digits. This setting allows the user to specify a number of digits to be trimmed from the scanned value. This field is useful in situations such as a database in which the checksum for the UPC codes have been omitted.

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