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Google Drive Integration


Integrating SalesPad Cloud with Google Drive makes sharing documents and other resources easier than ever. The Google Drive integration allows you to access sales resources without actually logging in to SalesPad Cloud, broadening your options and giving you even more flexibility as you seek to grow your business. Integration is immediate for Google Drive; there is no ten-minute integration cycle. Any resources uploaded to Google Drive will immediately be available in SalesPad Cloud, and vice versa.

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Connect to Google Drive

To connect your SalesPad Cloud company to your Google Drive account, select Google Drive from the Integration dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Select Connect from the pop-up that appears.

Select the Google account you want to use with SalesPad Cloud (if applicable), then grant SalesPad Cloud permission to access your Google Drive account.


Your SalesPad Cloud company is now connected to the Google Drive account you selected. If you open your Google Drive, you will see a folder called SalesPad Cloud Resources. This is where your resources are stored. The SalesPad Cloud Resources folder contains a folder for each company connected (you can connect multiple companies to your Google Drive account), and each company's folder contains folders for sales documents, item masters, and customers. Within those folders will be folders for each individual sales document, item master, and customer, respectively.

To disconnect your SalesPad Cloud company from Google Drive, simply click on the Google Drive icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Disconnect

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Resources Tabs

Sales documents, purchase orders, Customer cards, Item cards, and Vendor cards all have a Resources tab. This is where you will go to access resources or upload files to Google Drive. The Resource tab looks the same in all locations.

To upload resources, click the Upload button and follow the internal prompts. 

To download a resource, click on the Download icon in the Download File column. 

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