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Purchase Order Type


SalesPad Cloud allows you to create two different Purchase Order Types: standard purchase orders and dropship purchase orders. Multiple instances of both Purchase Order Types can be created. 

Standard purchase orders, when received, increase the inventory quantity and value for the location specified on the purchase order. Dropship purchase orders will not affect the inventory quantity or value in the specified location because the inventory will be shipped directly to the customer. 

To get started, select Purchase Order Type from the Settings menu. 

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Purchase Order Type
create a purchase order type

To create a Purchase Order Type, click the New Purchase Order Type button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 

The Purchase Order Type drawer will appear. Fill out the information fields in this drawer. For a brief explanation of the different information fields in the Purchase Order Type drawer, click here:

Purchase Order Type

Purchase Order Type - Allows you to assign a name to the Purchase Order Type

Seq - Indicates where in New Purchase Order dropdown the Purchase Order Type appears

Purchase Type - Selects between Standard, Dropship , and Work Order purchase types

Entity Num - Assigns a prefix to the specific purchase order number

Workflow - Assigns the Purchase Order Type to a Workflow

Shown - Indicates whether or not the Purchase Order Type is shown in the New Purchase Order dropdown

Can Post - Indicates whether or not the Purchase Order Type can be posted to QBO


When you've finished entering your information, click Save

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Edit a purchase order type

To edit an existing Purchase Order Type, first select the Purchase Order Type from the list on the left-hand side of the Purchase Order Type window.

Once you've selected the Purchase Order Type you want to edit, make your changes in the information fields on the right-hand side of the screen.

When you've finished making your changes, click Save.

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See it in Action

Purchase Order Types appear in the New Purchase Order dropdown in the Purchases module.

Dropship purchase orders can be generated from sales documents that have lines marked 'Dropship' if they have drop shipping enabled at the sales document type level.

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