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Order Entry


Order entry in SalesPad POS is simple and easy. The Order Entry screen opens by default when SalesPad POS is launched. 

For instructions on how to set up the grid menu on the Order Entry screen, please review our documentation.

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Add Items to an Order

To add items to an order, simply tap the grid menu item, or the grid menu folder and then the grid menu item.

You can also add items to an order using the Inventory module.

Edit Items on an Order

To edit a single item on an order, simply tap the item in the receipt pane. You then have the option to duplicate, reprice, or mark the item as either taxable or not taxable. To edit multiple items on an order, tap the Edit button in the receipt pane, select the items you wish to edit, then make your changes in the Edit Multiple Lines screen.

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Remove Items from an Order

To remove an item from an order, simply swipe left on the item and select Delete

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Place an Order on Hold

To place an order on hold, select the Hold button on the Order Entry screen.

Choose the batch you want to add the order to, select a due date, and enter a callout name in the pop-up that appears.

Select Accept when you are finished. If you want to print a receipt, follow the on-screen prompts. Navigate to the Open module to find the order when it's ready to be processed.

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Add a Discount to an Order

Discounts are created and managed in SalesPad Cloud.

To add a discount to an order, select + Add Discount on the bottom of the order entry sidebar. 

The Total Discounts screen will appear. Available discounts are listed in the Available Discounts section of the screen. Simply tap a discount to apply it to the order. Once the discount appears in the Applied discounts section, tap it again to remove it from the order. To apply a discount to a particular item on the order, select that item from the Receipt pane, and the item's Discounts tab will open. To learn more about applying discounts to specific items in SalesPad Cloud POS, please review the Inventory documentation. 

Select Total Discounts to return to the Order Entry screen and proceed with the order. Your added discount will appear on the order entry sidebar.

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Void an Order

To void an order, select the Void button on the Order Entry screen.

Confirm that you want to void the order in the pop-up that appears.

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Accept Payment on an Order

To accept payment on an order, select the method of payment from the options in the bottom right-hand corner of the Order Entry screen.

Selecting the Check option will send you to the Enter Payment screen. Fill out the information fields and select Save to accept a check payment.

Selecting the On Account option will place the order on hold. Navigate to the Open module to find the order.

Selecting the Cash option will send you to the Enter Cash Payment screen. Enter the payment amount and select Confirm to accept a cash payment.

Selecting the Card option will lead to a series of on-screen prompts that walk you through the process of accepting a credit card payment.  Once the sale has been paid in full, you'll be redirected to the order entry screen.  

Note: Completing a sale in POS sends it to SalesPad Cloud real time.

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Create a Return

To create a return, select History from the Options screen.

Select the completed order you wish to create the return from.

Select the items to return from the completed order on the left-hand side of the screen. These items will be transfered to the return order entry sidebar. To quickly transfer all items from the complete order onto the return order, select Return All in the center of the screen.

Once you've transferred all the items you need to transfer from the completed order to the return order, proceed with the order as normal. 

Note: When a return is created in Cloud, if money is going back to the customer, a Refund Receipt will be created in QBO when the return is posted in Cloud.  If a return is created in Cloud and the money is NOT going back to the customer, a Credit Memo is created in QBO when the return is posted in Cloud. Refunds created in Cloud are created as Refund Receipts in QBO

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Create an Exchange

Creating an exchange is very similar to creating a return. To create an exchange, follow the same process as you would to create a return. Add the item the customer wants to exchange to the exchange order entry sidebar, then navigate back to the Order Entry screen and add the item the customer is receiving in exchange to the sidebar. Provided the items have the same cost, the total will zero out. Proceed with the order as normal. 

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