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The Location feature of SalesPad Cloud allows you to set up multiple Locations and Bins (containers within a location) to help you manage your inventory efficiently. Bins are specific to Locations and are not required when using SalesPad Cloud. 

If you are using QuickBooks Online Plus, SalesPad Cloud will pass the Location dimension on all journal entries, and Location can be set up in QuickBooks as well. If you're not using QuickBooks Online Plus, Locations need to be set up in SalesPad Cloud. Once multiple Locations have been set up, inventory quantities will be visible within each Location. Users will also be able to see quantity allocated, quantity backordered, and quantity on purchase orders for each Location.

At least one Location is required when setting up a new SalesPad Cloud company. SalesPad Cloud creates a default Location, called MAIN, during initial setup. Within each Location, SalesPad Cloud allows for one or more Bins to further segregate inventory in that Location. Once multiple Bins have been added to a Location, all transactions will be required to have a Bin specified for each line.

Note: If using Locations in SalesPad Cloud, we recommend having Track Locations enabled in QuickBooks Online so that SalesPad Cloud can pass along location information on transactions to improve reporting in QuickBooks Online.

To get started, select Location from the Settings menu.

Navigation Menu
Locations and Bins
Add a Location

To add a new Location, click the New Location button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

The Location drawer will appear. Fill out the information fields in this drawer. For a brief explanation of the different information fields in the Location drawer, click here:


Location - Allows you to name the location

Establishment - If this location is owned by a separate company that has multiple locations, allows you to specify this location

Company Name - If this location is owned by a separate company, allows you to name the company

Replenished By -  Indicates which location replenishes stock at this location 

Is Primary - Determines whether or not this is your primary inventory location

Is Outsourced Work Location - Determines whether or not this is your outsourced work location

Is Custom - Indicates whether or not the Contact Information is not standard (e.g. an international address)

Name, Address 1, etc. - Gives contact information for this location


When you've finished entering your information, click Save. Make sure you check the Is Primary box if this is your primary inventory location.

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Add a Bin

To add a Bin to your Location, first make sure that the Location you want to add the Bin to is selected in the list of Locations on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Next, click the Create Bin(s) button in the Bin Details section of the screen. 

Select either Create Bin or Generate Bins. If you select Create Bin, the Bin drawer will appear. Name your bin and click Save when you are finished, or click Save & New to save this bin and automatically create another.

If you select Generate Bins, the Bin drawer will appear with different options. Select the number of rows, columns, and bins per column you wish to create. Click Save when you are finished.

SalesPad Cloud will generate the number of bins you specified and name them sequentially.

For example, a setup of three rows and three columns with three bins per column would generate 27 bins, named 01A01 through 03C03. The first numbers refer to the row, the letter to the column, and the last numbers to the bin. 

If your rows are aisles and your columns are vertical shelves, you would have three bins on each shelf. 

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Edit a Location

To edit an existing Location, select that Location from the list on the left-hand side of the Location screen.

Once you've selected the Location you want to edit, make your changes in the information fields on the right-hand side of the screen.

When you've finished making your changes, click Save.

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Edit a Bin

To edit an existing Bin, first select the Location of the bin, then select the Bin you wish to edit.

Make your changes in More Actions dropdown. Click Save when you're finished making your changes. 

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See it in Action

Location dropdowns appear in various places in SalesPad Cloud, including on a Purchase Order.

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