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SalesPad POS allows you to apply discounts to a customer's order. Discounts are set up and managed in SalesPad Cloud. There are two basic types of discount targets: All, which is a discount for the entire sale, and One, which is a discount for a single item. If you create a discount with a One target, you can customize the percent or dollar value of the discount. 

To get started, open the Discounts module in SalesPad Cloud.

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Create a New Discount

To create a new discount, click the New Discount dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select between an Item Discount and an Item Class Discount. An Item Discount will allow you to create a discount for an item; an Item Class Discount allows you to create a discount for an Item Class

The Create Discount drawer will appear. Fill out the information fields in this drawer.

For a brief explanation of the different information fields in the Create Discount drawer, click here: 

Create Discount

Name - Allows you to name the discount

Discount Target - Designates between All, One, or Any; an All target applies the discount to the entire order, a One target applies it to a single item, and Any is still in development

Discount Type - Designates between Discount Amt, Discount Pct, Custom Amt, or Custom Pct Discount Types

Amount/Percent - Specifies an amount or percent for your Discount Type

Uofm - Specifies the UofM used for this discount.

Min Discount Amount - Indicates the minimum discount amount

Max Discount Amount - Indicates the maximum discount amount

Reason Code - Specifies any Reason Codes used for this discount

Begin Date - Indicates a begin date for the discount

Begin Time - Indicates a begin time for the discount

End Date - Indicates an end date for the discount

End Time - Indicates an end time for the discount

Tax Before Discount - If checked, taxes are applied to the order before the discount is applied

Combinable - If checked, the discount may be combined with other discounts

Manager Required - If checked, a manager-level employee PIN is required in order to apply the discount

Employee Required - If checked, an employee PIN is required in order to apply the discount

Discount Code Required - If checked, a discount code is required in order to apply the discount


When you've finished entering your information, click Save.

After syncing, your new discount will be available for use in SalesPad POS. 

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Edit an Existing Discount

To make changes to an existing discount, select the Edit button for that discount from the Discounts grid. 

The Edit Discount drawer will appear. The information fields in the Edit Discount drawer are identical to those in the Create Discount drawer. Make your changes to any of these fields and click Save to close the drawer. 

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See it in Action

Discounts are added to orders in SalesPad POS via the  +Add Discount button on the order entry screen.

To learn more about adding discounts to POS order, click here.

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