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SalesPad Cloud as a standalone product only supports US dollars. However, when integrated with QuickBooks Online, multiple currencies are supported. 

Currencies used by your company are imported from QuickBooks Online. 

To get started, select Currency from the Settings menu.

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Once you click Currency in the Settings menu, a list of currencies used by your company will appear. Currencies are added or deleted in QuickBooks Online.

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See it in Action

When creating a new customer, you can specify a currency for that customer in the Currency dropdown.

Note: If you have not enabled multi-currency in QuickBooks Online, the Currency dropdown will not appear in the Create Customer drawer, and you will only see US Dollars listed in the Currency module of SalesPad Cloud. If you have enabled multi-currency in QuickBooks Online, only the currencies that you have set up exchange rates for will appear in SalesPad Cloud.

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