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ShipStation Integration


SalesPad Cloud integrates with ShipStation to handle shipping packages with a number of common carriers. Once the integration is set up, users can configure the system to allow shipping on orders or invoices. The user can then select the option to ship the document, which sends the shipping address, line item information, and Shipping Method to ShipStation. After completing the shipment in ShipStation, SalesPad Cloud will forward the document in the Workflow, receive the shipping amount, and show tracking numbers from ShipStation. From that point forward, the tracking information can be printed on printed forms.

For a quick visual representation of what happens when you integrate ShipStation with SalesPad Cloud, check out this diagram:

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Connect to ShipStation

To connect your SalesPad Cloud account to your ShipStation account, select ShipStation from the Integrations dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Click the Connect to ShipStation button that appears.

Enter your ShipStation API Key and API Secret into the window that pops up and click Connect to ShipStation.

For help finding your ShipStation API Key and Secret, visit the ShipStation help page.

Your SalesPad Cloud account is now connected to your ShipStation account, and the integration will run in the background as you continue to use SalesPad Cloud. Any Shipping Methods that you had saved in your ShipStation account will be added to your list of SalesPad Cloud Shipping Methods.  

Notice that the ShipStation icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen is no longer grayed out. Click this icon to quickly view a log of integration activity.

To see the status of all of your integrations, click Dashboard on the left-hand side of the screen.

You will see a list of your integrations. If all is well, the box to the far right will be green. If there is an issue with the integration, the box will be gray. Click the gear icon in the green (or gray) box to navigate to the System Settings module.

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Get Shipping Rates

Before shipping a sales document, you can use ShipStation to get shipping rates, which will help you select the best shipping service. 

Before you're able to retrieve shipping rates, however, the following data must be confgured:

  • The desired Shipping Method must be selected on the sales document.
  • The Location Contact Address must be a valid deliverable address for the Locations of each item on the sales document.
  • The Customer Shipping Address must be a valid deliverable address.
  • Each address must have a country specified using the two-character ISO country code (e.g. US instead of USA).
  • The Weight and Weight Unit must be set for each item on the sales document. This is done by editing the inventory item.

Click the More Actions dropdown on a sales document and select Get Shipping Rates.

Shipping rates applicable to the carrier associated with the selected Shipping Method will be displayed.

These shipping rates are for informational purposes only. They are retrieved from ShipStation, and they are estimates based on the assumption that all items from the same Location will be shipped in one shipment. They may vary from actual shipping rates. 

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Ignore Shipping Writeback

When a customer places an order through an ecommerce store that uses shopping carts, such as Shopify, eBay, or Amazon, shipping costs are typically included in the order total. Because of this, it's not necessary to include shipping writeback costs on the order once that order has been pulled into SalesPad Cloud. 

To ensure that shipping writeback costs aren't added to these orders, check the Ignore Shipping Writeback checkbox on the Contact card for that customer

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ShipStation Integration Map

Shipping Method

All carrier services from ShipStation will be integrated to SalesPad Cloud as Shipping Methods. Shipping Methods that already exist in SalesPad Cloud with the same carrier service name or same carrier code will not be integrated from ShipStation.

SalesPad Cloud
Shipping Method
Shipping Carrier
Carrier Code


Sales Document

When a sales document is shipped, the following data is integrated between ShipStation and SalesPad Cloud.

SalesPad Cloud
Document Number
Order Number
Document ID
Order Key
Document Date
Order Date
Billing Address
Billing Address
Shipping Address
Shipping Address
Tax Amount
Carrier Code
Shipping Carrier
Service Code
Shipping Method Code
Tracking Number*
Tracking Number
Item Weight


*Tracking numbers are only integrated from ShipStation to SalesPad Cloud when the shipment has been shipped.

Sales Line Item

The following data is integrated to ShipStation for each sales line item on a sales document.

SalesPad Cloud
Sales Line ID
Line Item Key
Item Number
Unit Price
Unit Price
Warehouse Location
Weight Value
Weight UofM
Weight Units


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See it in Action

After you've set up your ShipStation integration, select Ship Document from the More Actions dropdown on a sales transaction.

Note: If you do not see Ship Document as an option, check that Can Ship is checked for the Sales Document Type.

Confirm that you want to ship the document.

SalesPad Cloud will send the sales document to ShipStation. ShipStation calculates the order total based on the unit price and quantity of the items. This order total is used for shipping insurance purposes only. The document total in ShipStation is not intended to match SalesPad Cloud.

Your SalesPad Cloud document will be marked as Read Only and Awaiting Shipment until the ShipStation document has shipped. Once that happens, your SalesPad Cloud document will be marked as Shipped, it will no longer be Read Only, freight amount and tracking information will be added, and the document will move to the next workflow batch. If the ShipStation document is voided before being shipped, the SalesPad Cloud document will no longer be marked as Read Only or Awaiting Shipment, but it will not be voided.

Check the status of your shipment in SalesPad Cloud by opening the ShipStation Shipments tab on your sales document.

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